Battery C

C Battery originally located in tents between NW 57th Avenue (Red Road), NW 47th Avenue, Snake Creek Canal, and NW 183rd Street (Miami Gardens Drive. They remained at that location until a new facility was built by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1965.

The administration and IFC areas were located between NW 57th Ave, NW 67th Avenue, NW 186th Street and NW 188th Terrace (Dade County) in Miami. The launch area was relocated between the Snake Creek Canal, NW 202 Street (Honey Hill), NW 57th Avenue and NW 67th Avenue (Ludlum Road) in Broward County and the City of Miramar.

In the summer of 1979, C Battery stood down as a Nike Hercules anti-aircraft defense unit defending south Florida from Russian bombers in Cuba armed with nuclear warheads. They relocated to Ft. Bliss, Texas where they served as part of a training battalion for NATO countries still using the Nike Hercules as their national anti-aircraft defense.

The administration an IFC area was transferred to the US Navy in 1980 who converted it into a US Navy and Marine Reserve Training Center. The launch area was completely demolished and is the future site of the Florida National Guard Snake Creek Training Center.