Battery D (HM-95)

D Battery originally located in Kendall or Perrine If anyone knows the exact street locations or GPS coordinates, please Email [email protected].

In 1965, it relocated to Krome Avenue approximately 1 mile south of Tamiami Trail (US HWY 41). In the summer of 1979, HHB Battery stood down and relocated to Ft. Bliss, Texas where they served as part of a training battalion for NATO countries still using the Nike Hercules as their national anti-aircraft defense.

In 1980, the administration and IFC area was utilized to house Cuban refugees during the Mariel Boatlift. The launch area was used as a detention center for those who were considered as high risk and having a mental disorder and needed to be segregated. That is most likely why it has been rumored it was a mental hospital at one time.

It remained as a federal detention center for Cuban, Haitian, and other non-Americans who were deemed as mentally incapable, criminals and deportees. Frequently known as the “Krome Avenue Detention Center,” the official name is the “Krome Service Processing Center (SPC), Department of Homeland Security Detention Facility.”