Battery B

Italian Mural in Mess Hall


When the men and missile of 2/52 were deployed to south Florida during the Cuban Missile Crisis, B battery was in the Pacific testing nuclear Nike Hercules warheads in Operation Dominic. They later joined t2/52 and located adjacent to A Battery to the west of SR 9336 (Ingraham Hwy) about a mile before the entrance to Everglades National Park. It remained at that location until the summer of 1965 when it relocated to Key Largo on SR936 near the intersection of Card sound Road.

In the summer of 1979, B Battery stood down as a Nike Hercules anti-aircraft defense unit defending south Florida from Russian bombers in Cuba armed with nuclear warheads. They relocated to Ft. Bliss, Texas where they served as part of a training battalion for NATO countries still using the Nike Hercules as their national anti-aircraft defense.

The following year, the B Battery administrative building was used to house Cuban who came to Miami as part of the Mari el Boatlift. Since then, the administrative and IFC areas have been transferred to the Navy and finally to the Florida State Parks that is now the custodian. In 1982, the former administration and IFC areas became the Dagny Johnson Key Largo Hammock Botanical State Park. See

The former launch area was transferred to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife in 1980 as The Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge. It was established in 1980 to protect critical breeding and nesting habitat for the endangered American crocodile and other wildlife. See